Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Please Don't Hit Me?

I was riding to work this morning and stopped at a traffic light.  A young woman pulled up behind me, and after a minute or so rolled down her window and started talking to me.  Here's the conversation we had:

Her: Are you, like, actually biking in the road?
Me: Yes. (mentally noting the absence of anywhere else to bike in this particular location)
Her: Well, I'm really late for work, and I don't want to run you over!
Me: I don't want you to run me over either.

(10 second pause)

Me: How about I just move over a bit going through the intersection and you can go by me?
(Light turns green, I do as I suggested and she zooms by me)

I hope she didn't hit anyone else.

The funny thing about this is that we were on a 4-lane road (2 in each direction) - there were a few cars at the light, but she would have easily been able to switch lanes to get around me within 15-20 seconds of the light turning green anyway.